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about me

i joined the community a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post yet, so here name is becky, i live in kansas with my husband, kevin, and this is our first child. i'm due march 13th, which makes me 25w2d today. we weren't trying to prevent, but it was still a huge surprise when we (I) realized i was pregnant.

i have felt wonderful this whole time, in fact i 'missed' the entire first trimester....i think i was in denial :) anyway, i am just now starting to feel tired and sluggish when i get home from working, which i'm hoping doesn't last too long (i'm probably just working extra hard). we haven't really started on the baby's room much and today i'm really feeling an urgency to get that done...we don't have THAT much time before we're parents!

i'm not too much of an LJ poster, but i love reading and commenting, and hopefully will update here more than i do in my own journal.

Oh and IT'S A GIRL!!!!
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