Krystyna (xkookykrysx) wrote in march_2008,

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I felt really good during my second trimester, but lately, in the last week or two, I feel like I'm really getting worn out easily, and I tire more quickly. I guess it is probably because I'm at the doorstep of my third trimester, and I'm starting not to sleep very well (bad pain in my hips) but I didn't think it would happen just yet. Today I worked, then had a regular check up appointment, then went to dinner with a friend, went to Sur La Table for a few minutes and drove home and I feel pooped!

Anyone else starting to slow down?

In two weeks, I have a line-up of appointments I'm dreading because I have a huge fear of needles. I've got my diabetes glucose test (just the one hour), a regular blood draw, and the Rhogam shot. :P Ugh.
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