Shar (sharya) wrote in march_2008,

I don't think I ever posted my intro post

Name: Shar
Location: Canada
Baby's name & birthday: Stephen Michael, born March 12, 2008
Baby's birth stats: 21 inches long and 8 lbs 13 oz (75th percentile in weight!)
Baby's current stats: Not sure on length, but he was 14 lbs 4oz (95th percentile in weight - go boob juice go!) at yesterday's doctor's appointment!

This is my second child, my first child is Alexandra Marie who is almost exactly 25 months older than her little brother.

I am loving motherhood, but I did not expect the shock to my system when it comes to trying to meet the needs of a toddler as well as meeting the needs of a newborn.

I am an AP mama, and I believe in extended breastfeeding. I'm thrilled to pieces my daughter started to nurse again once the baby was born.

We've been having a lot of bf'ing problems due to his highly developed bad habit of sucking on his lower lip, but I think things are going to work out now.

I wish the moderator of this community would have handed the community over to someone else to moderate before she disappeared, because I very much would like to be more active in an AP March community rather than the other one.
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