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Glucose test, ultrasound

I had my 28 week appt on Monday.  I had to take the glucose test and my levels came out a little high at 138. The cut-off for normal is 135. My doctor told me I couldn't have anymore sugar, not even fruit, or it could push me over the edge into gestational diabetes. So far, it really sucks thanks to the holidays, but my husband's cutting out sugar with me so I thought that was really sweet.  My doctor also gave me the last ultrasound of this pregnancy (he doesn't like doing too many) and the baby refused to show us whether it's a boy or a girl so we're going to have a surprise. I'm curious but I think it's kind of exciting. My hubby thought it was funny. Anyway, I'm feeling more and more tired, and it's hard to catch my breath, and my ankles are starting to swell. 
Merry (late) Christmas everyone!
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