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march_2008's Journal

Babies Due in March of 2008
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Welcome to the community for moms that are due in March 2008!

This community has a few rules:
1. Be respectful towards other users. If you have any advice give it in a respectful and informational manner.

2. If you ask for advice or opinions, but recieve advice and/or an opinion you don't like don't get huffy about it. Ignore it or respond in a respectful manner. If someone stated their opinion in a rude manner or you feel was inappiorate. Don't delete or freeze comments. Contact the mod via Wishings @ gmail.com

3. Don't delete posts or comments. Don't freeze comments. If you feel someone was out of line contact the mod instead.

4. No goodbye posts. They only cause more drama.

5. No spam.

6. Please post photos and text longer than 500 words under a LJ-CUT

If you break the rules you'll get one warning next time you're out. If you have any problems or questions contact the mod at Wishings @ gmail.com

Enjoy the community!