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Glucose Test and Rhogam Shot

On Monday, I had the 1 hour glucose test. The drink tasted exactly like a flat orange soda - nasty, but not completely undrinkable. I had had an egg and toast, and basically used the drink to wash that down. I managed to chug it down in about three minutes. I didn't get dizzy, have stomach problems or any of the other possible side effects. The worst part about the whole thing was getting stuck in the arm. Not only did they do the blood draw for my glucose test, but they took extra for my regular third trimester check and my thyroid check. Did I mention that I hate needles?

Today I got the test results of the glucose test back - all clear. Yay! I wasn't too concerned, though, as I didn't really have any of the other symptoms of gestational diabetes (i.e. high blood pressure, constant thirst, seeing spots). I also had to have the Rhogam shot in my BUTT! OWIE! Did I mention that I hate needles? It is sorta scary knowing more about the shot. I have a little card that they gave me that I have to carry with me in the event of an emergency (like really bad car accident) that shows the date of my Rhogam injection, and instructions related to my pregnancy. I should be ok, though. I have a really short drive to work, where I don't get on any highway or freeway, and the only planned trip out of town that I have left is up to Dallas (about a 4 hour drive) for Christmas.

Now that's done and over with, I have my regular 4 week checkup next Thursday with my OB/GYN. After that appointment, I'll start going every two weeks instead of four. Rather exciting!

My worst complaint right now is the acid reflux. I can't even think about salsa, and even the mildest of marinara sauces can set me off. Ugh. I pretty much take one to two Pepcid tablets every day, and usually a handful of Tums as well. And I've got an acne explosion. But really, when I look at some of the more severe problems and/or symptoms that I've seen some of my girlfriends go through, I know I really do have it pretty easy.

My last concern, really, is my heart. I just hope it stays clear all the way through delivery. I've only had a few minor episodes lately - not enough to put me back on medication, so I'm hoping we're all good with that.
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