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good thoughts needed

The last thing in the world I want is to have a c-section. I have my reasons, and I'm staunchly against it. 

The current situation is that we had a Cervadil insert from about 8PM to 5AM. Pitocin was started at 6AM. My water broke about 8:30 AM. I labored for about an hour and a half with IV drugs, and then the contractions got so bad that I had to get an epidural at about 10AM. It is now 6:30 PM, and I've only advanced as far as a bit more than 3 centimeters, about 90% effaced, and unfortunately the cervix is still a bit too elongated. For 10 hours, that's not very good. 

The baby is in fine shape, however, as long as I lie kinda on my right side, and kinda on my back. This is obviously uncomfortable after a while and is giving me a bad crick in my neck, but aside from that and being STARVING, I'm doing well.

The latest is that because the change hasn't been significant, and if the trend continues, then I will have to have the dreaded c-section later on this evening. I have a different monitor in my uterus right now that measures the strength of my contractions better than the kind that goes on the belly. This monitor is the last thing that will be done, medically to determine whether or not I will have a c-section. I'll have the monitor on for two hours and then we'll have our answer. 

I don't need replies saying what will be will be, or touting benefits of c-section. All I want is your best energy, your strongest prayers, your kind thoughts that the two hour monitoring period shows that I am making enough progress to allow me to continue to labor on my own instead of having a c-section. Also, sending vibes that the labor starts to pick up and my cervix cooperates so that we can get our end result - a natural bifth - would be appreciated as well. 

Please just send me all that you can for the next two hourse. thank you thank you thank you.  
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