Krystyna (xkookykrysx) wrote in march_2008,

preggo update

Yesterday's appointment was pretty frustrating with good and bad news.

First, we had the ultrasound to check on the baby's health. I have heard from both camps about the good/bad side of ultrasounds. I knew we needed to check up on the baby, but I wanted the minimal amount done by the machine. My OB ordered a check of the amniotic fluid and the placenta. That's it. The ultrasound nurse went trigger happy and kept insisting that we should take measurements of the size as well. I told her we already knew it was going to be a big baby, and that we didn't need the measurements. She went out to find my doc's nurse anyway. She couldn't find her, and asked a different nurse instead, who suggested she might as well get it. Then, when she was half-way through the measurements (which were already taking longer than the first set), her computer started freaking out. I kept repeating myself that it was ok, and we didn't need the measurements, but she insisted on continuing until she got the measurements she wanted. So much for not having a minimal amount done. :P When she started clucking over how big the baby was, I mentioned that I'd read in several places that the ultrasound measurements can be off by sometimes as much as 2-3 pounds. She got a little huffy and insisted that she was never more than a pound off.

Oh, and also, at first she had me laying nearly completely flat, and wouldn't let me bend my knees even a little. When she asked why I was whimpering, I told her it was because the position was killing my lower back. So she raised the back of the bed a bit, let me put the pillow under my back instead of my head. It helped... a slight bit.

Next up was the exam. Sadly, I've not made any more progress. I'm still between one and two centimeters dilated (I've been that way for several weeks now), and of greater concern is the fact that my cervix, while softened, is still pretty long. I also got the results of the ultrasound. On the upside, the amniotic fluid is at an excellent level, the placenta is just as good as it possibly can be for a baby that is starting to outgrow it, heartbeat perfect, baby's movement just fine - so the baby is doing just peachy. However, his size measurements put him at the 90th percentile! And of course, he'll only keep gaining size and weight the longer he's in there.

So, after a lot of discussion with my OB, the decision was made to induce. Having a c-section is the very last thing in the world that I want, and my OB knows this. She even admitted that of anyone else in the hospital, she's known as the one doc that will not give a c-section unless absolutely necessary (her record, apparently, was letting a woman be in labor for 41 hours). As much as I hate the idea of a chemical induction, I agree that the kiddo is only going to get bigger, and if he's too big, there's just no way that he can be born vaginally. I'll take the meds over a C-section any day.

I'll be 42 weeks on Sunday. If the baby doesn't come on his own before then, we have an appointment to check in to the hospital on Sunday night. They'll start with Cervadil (I had to talk her out of Cytotec -  I had just finished reading the day before warned that "Cytotec may cause the uterus to rupture (tear) during pregnancy if it is used to bring on (induce) labor." Uterine rupture, the insert added, "may result in severe bleeding, hospitalization, surgery, infertility, or death."). Cervadil is used to get the cervix going, and can sometimes start labor, but it usually doesn't, so they'll be starting a Pitocin drip first thing in the morning to start contractions. My doc predicts that she'll probably also have to break my water at some point that morning as well.

So, if all goes well, I'll likely be a mommy on St. Patrick's Day (or sooner, if the wee one decides to be ornery, now that we've gone to the trouble to schedule an induction).
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