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First Pelvic Exam

I've got a pregnancy update, and it's incredibly good happy news. I was sobbing in my car I was so happy and my hubby could barely understand me. Back in 2002 I had minor surgery (LEEP) done on my cervix to remove pre-cancerous cells. I'd been cancer-free on all my check-ups since then, but my OB was concerned because that type of surgery can scar the cervix and cause one of two problems related to labor and delivery. Potentially, the cervix could open too soon (very bad, but luckily didn't happen), or an even more common concern, the cervix could do the complete opposite and not soften and/or open at all, causing the need for a c-section rather than a natural birth.

I had my first pelvic exam Friday, and I'm so happy and relieved (as was my OB) that my cervix is softened just as much as it should be for someone with four and a half weeks left in their pregnancy, and I'm already half a centimeter dialated! This is such incredible news, and I'm just overwhelmed and happy that everything is going so well so far.

Oh, and the pelvic exam? Not very much of the fun. A bit painful, but nothing horrifically bad. I also got my strep swab, so we'll get the results of that next week.
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