confessions of a carb-a-holic (_stacy) wrote in march_2008,
confessions of a carb-a-holic

30 Weeks and Change

Hi, I'm Stacy and my husband and I of 6 years are pregnant with our 2nd - due March 16th. I've never been part of a pregnant community (because I was very active in fluffymamas with my 1st), but I know friends who were and made life long bonds through these type of communities since you go through so many important changes and phases at the same time as other women with similar interests... so, here I am.

We're having another boy (yea, I love boys!); my first, Cole, was born in August 2005 - making him about 2 1/2 when this baby arrives.

I'm a seasoned veteran on breastfeeding, clothdiapering and all that "attachment parenting" stuff if anyone has any questions.

My baby "dropped" or changed positions this week and now I'm carrying a lot lower, having less Braxton Hicks, heartburn and breathing easier. However, now I'm having low abdomen/leg ligament pain as well as pressure on my cervix and any and all organs/spine while sitting or laying down.

Yea for the 3rd trimester!

I have 29 working days left before I'm on "maternity leave" (Feb 28th is my last work day and I don't work Fri-Sun). But, I can't wait until the 16th of this month to be able to say, OK, only 2 months left - that seems surmountable.

Let me tell you, for you first time mom's - enjoy it, because it's A LOT different your 2nd time around! I haven't had the time or energy to read books or endulge in just enjoying this pregnancy, sleeping, getting massages or any of that good stuff since there's a toddler to take care of.
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