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Sunday, May 18th, 2008
9:25 pm
Birth Post
This is long overdue, but yes, I finally gave birth to my wee one via C-Section. I'm sure all you other March mamas are just as busy as I've been, with little time to yourselves, much less to post things on lj. Here are the vitals:

Name: Edward Stanley
Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz
Length: 21 and 1/4 inches
Born: March 17th at 10:07 PM

We had a St Paddy's Day baby! He is named after my husband's father who passed away in 2001 and after my father and grandfather (who share the same name). I had what they called a "failed induction." After 8 hours of not being able to dilate more then 3.5 cm, the decision was made to do a C-section. All went well, but I was extremely disappointed that it turned out the way it did. My husband was with me during the delivery process. He was even brave enough to peek over the curtain for a few pictures when the baby arrived. As soon as I got wheeled back to my room and reconnected to everything, I got to hold him and nurse him, and he took to nursing immediately like a pro! We're now nearly 9 weeks old, and nursing has been going swimmingly with no supplementation needed.  Eddie was a BIG baby and outgrew newborn clothing and diapers in less than two weeks. There were a few outfits that he never got to wear. He's already in 3-6 month old clothing and size 2 diapers!

In related news, we're moving to Switzerland from Texas for a year-long assignment that my husband's company has set up for him at their main offices. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about finding everything I will need overseas at a good price - mainly clothing and diapers.

I've got a lot of pictures of Edward posted here and here.
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008
3:14 pm
I don't think I ever posted my intro post
Name: Shar
Location: Canada
Baby's name & birthday: Stephen Michael, born March 12, 2008
Baby's birth stats: 21 inches long and 8 lbs 13 oz (75th percentile in weight!)
Baby's current stats: Not sure on length, but he was 14 lbs 4oz (95th percentile in weight - go boob juice go!) at yesterday's doctor's appointment!

This is my second child, my first child is Alexandra Marie who is almost exactly 25 months older than her little brother.

I am loving motherhood, but I did not expect the shock to my system when it comes to trying to meet the needs of a toddler as well as meeting the needs of a newborn.

I am an AP mama, and I believe in extended breastfeeding. I'm thrilled to pieces my daughter started to nurse again once the baby was born.

We've been having a lot of bf'ing problems due to his highly developed bad habit of sucking on his lower lip, but I think things are going to work out now.

I wish the moderator of this community would have handed the community over to someone else to moderate before she disappeared, because I very much would like to be more active in an AP March community rather than the other one.
Monday, March 17th, 2008
6:49 pm
good thoughts needed
The last thing in the world I want is to have a c-section. I have my reasons, and I'm staunchly against it. 

The current situation is that we had a Cervadil insert from about 8PM to 5AM. Pitocin was started at 6AM. My water broke about 8:30 AM. I labored for about an hour and a half with IV drugs, and then the contractions got so bad that I had to get an epidural at about 10AM. It is now 6:30 PM, and I've only advanced as far as a bit more than 3 centimeters, about 90% effaced, and unfortunately the cervix is still a bit too elongated. For 10 hours, that's not very good. 

The baby is in fine shape, however, as long as I lie kinda on my right side, and kinda on my back. This is obviously uncomfortable after a while and is giving me a bad crick in my neck, but aside from that and being STARVING, I'm doing well.

The latest is that because the change hasn't been significant, and if the trend continues, then I will have to have the dreaded c-section later on this evening. I have a different monitor in my uterus right now that measures the strength of my contractions better than the kind that goes on the belly. This monitor is the last thing that will be done, medically to determine whether or not I will have a c-section. I'll have the monitor on for two hours and then we'll have our answer. 

I don't need replies saying what will be will be, or touting benefits of c-section. All I want is your best energy, your strongest prayers, your kind thoughts that the two hour monitoring period shows that I am making enough progress to allow me to continue to labor on my own instead of having a c-section. Also, sending vibes that the labor starts to pick up and my cervix cooperates so that we can get our end result - a natural bifth - would be appreciated as well. 

Please just send me all that you can for the next two hourse. thank you thank you thank you.  

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Sunday, March 16th, 2008
6:34 pm
and heeeeere we go
I was due on March 2nd, but that's obviously long come and gone. My last miraculous hope of going into birth on my own never happened, and we're on our way to the hospital to be induced. A bit sad about that. And I'm not exactly nervous about the birth - just nervous about being in the hospital. They really squick me out, because I've only ever been there because of something scary for myself, or seeing someone in a terrible state. Plus, I'm nervous that I'll be forced to take the ultimate last intervention on my list - the very last thing that I hope won't happen - a C-section.

I'll update in a few days, I guess. Good luck to the rest of you ladies.

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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
9:23 am
preggo update
Yesterday's appointment was pretty frustrating with good and bad news.

First, we had the ultrasound to check on the baby's health. I have heard from both camps about the good/bad side of ultrasounds. I knew we needed to check up on the baby, but I wanted the minimal amount done by the machine. My OB ordered a check of the amniotic fluid and the placenta. That's it. The ultrasound nurse went trigger happy and kept insisting that we should take measurements of the size as well. I told her we already knew it was going to be a big baby, and that we didn't need the measurements. She went out to find my doc's nurse anyway. She couldn't find her, and asked a different nurse instead, who suggested she might as well get it. Then, when she was half-way through the measurements (which were already taking longer than the first set), her computer started freaking out. I kept repeating myself that it was ok, and we didn't need the measurements, but she insisted on continuing until she got the measurements she wanted. So much for not having a minimal amount done. :P When she started clucking over how big the baby was, I mentioned that I'd read in several places that the ultrasound measurements can be off by sometimes as much as 2-3 pounds. She got a little huffy and insisted that she was never more than a pound off.

Oh, and also, at first she had me laying nearly completely flat, and wouldn't let me bend my knees even a little. When she asked why I was whimpering, I told her it was because the position was killing my lower back. So she raised the back of the bed a bit, let me put the pillow under my back instead of my head. It helped... a slight bit.

Next up was the exam. Sadly, I've not made any more progress. I'm still between one and two centimeters dilated (I've been that way for several weeks now), and of greater concern is the fact that my cervix, while softened, is still pretty long. I also got the results of the ultrasound. On the upside, the amniotic fluid is at an excellent level, the placenta is just as good as it possibly can be for a baby that is starting to outgrow it, heartbeat perfect, baby's movement just fine - so the baby is doing just peachy. However, his size measurements put him at the 90th percentile! And of course, he'll only keep gaining size and weight the longer he's in there.

So, after a lot of discussion with my OB, the decision was made to induce. Having a c-section is the very last thing in the world that I want, and my OB knows this. She even admitted that of anyone else in the hospital, she's known as the one doc that will not give a c-section unless absolutely necessary (her record, apparently, was letting a woman be in labor for 41 hours). As much as I hate the idea of a chemical induction, I agree that the kiddo is only going to get bigger, and if he's too big, there's just no way that he can be born vaginally. I'll take the meds over a C-section any day.

I'll be 42 weeks on Sunday. If the baby doesn't come on his own before then, we have an appointment to check in to the hospital on Sunday night. They'll start with Cervadil (I had to talk her out of Cytotec -  I had just finished reading the day before warned that "Cytotec may cause the uterus to rupture (tear) during pregnancy if it is used to bring on (induce) labor." Uterine rupture, the insert added, "may result in severe bleeding, hospitalization, surgery, infertility, or death."). Cervadil is used to get the cervix going, and can sometimes start labor, but it usually doesn't, so they'll be starting a Pitocin drip first thing in the morning to start contractions. My doc predicts that she'll probably also have to break my water at some point that morning as well.

So, if all goes well, I'll likely be a mommy on St. Patrick's Day (or sooner, if the wee one decides to be ornery, now that we've gone to the trouble to schedule an induction).
Saturday, February 9th, 2008
10:24 pm
Going too fast?
I'm due March 2nd, and I'm starting to panic that I won't get everything done that I wanted to take care of before the baby is born. Anyone else starting to feel that way?
Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
8:24 am
First Pelvic Exam
I've got a pregnancy update, and it's incredibly good happy news. I was sobbing in my car I was so happy and my hubby could barely understand me. Back in 2002 I had minor surgery (LEEP) done on my cervix to remove pre-cancerous cells. I'd been cancer-free on all my check-ups since then, but my OB was concerned because that type of surgery can scar the cervix and cause one of two problems related to labor and delivery. Potentially, the cervix could open too soon (very bad, but luckily didn't happen), or an even more common concern, the cervix could do the complete opposite and not soften and/or open at all, causing the need for a c-section rather than a natural birth.

I had my first pelvic exam Friday, and I'm so happy and relieved (as was my OB) that my cervix is softened just as much as it should be for someone with four and a half weeks left in their pregnancy, and I'm already half a centimeter dialated! This is such incredible news, and I'm just overwhelmed and happy that everything is going so well so far.

Oh, and the pelvic exam? Not very much of the fun. A bit painful, but nothing horrifically bad. I also got my strep swab, so we'll get the results of that next week.

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
12:16 pm
30 Weeks and Change
Hi, I'm Stacy and my husband and I of 6 years are pregnant with our 2nd - due March 16th. I've never been part of a pregnant community (because I was very active in fluffymamas with my 1st), but I know friends who were and made life long bonds through these type of communities since you go through so many important changes and phases at the same time as other women with similar interests... so, here I am.

We're having another boy (yea, I love boys!); my first, Cole, was born in August 2005 - making him about 2 1/2 when this baby arrives.

I'm a seasoned veteran on breastfeeding, clothdiapering and all that "attachment parenting" stuff if anyone has any questions.

My baby "dropped" or changed positions this week and now I'm carrying a lot lower, having less Braxton Hicks, heartburn and breathing easier. However, now I'm having low abdomen/leg ligament pain as well as pressure on my cervix and any and all organs/spine while sitting or laying down.

Yea for the 3rd trimester!

I have 29 working days left before I'm on "maternity leave" (Feb 28th is my last work day and I don't work Fri-Sun). But, I can't wait until the 16th of this month to be able to say, OK, only 2 months left - that seems surmountable.

Let me tell you, for you first time mom's - enjoy it, because it's A LOT different your 2nd time around! I haven't had the time or energy to read books or endulge in just enjoying this pregnancy, sleeping, getting massages or any of that good stuff since there's a toddler to take care of.
Wednesday, December 26th, 2007
2:33 pm
Glucose test, ultrasound
I had my 28 week appt on Monday.  I had to take the glucose test and my levels came out a little high at 138. The cut-off for normal is 135. My doctor told me I couldn't have anymore sugar, not even fruit, or it could push me over the edge into gestational diabetes. So far, it really sucks thanks to the holidays, but my husband's cutting out sugar with me so I thought that was really sweet.  My doctor also gave me the last ultrasound of this pregnancy (he doesn't like doing too many) and the baby refused to show us whether it's a boy or a girl so we're going to have a surprise. I'm curious but I think it's kind of exciting. My hubby thought it was funny. Anyway, I'm feeling more and more tired, and it's hard to catch my breath, and my ankles are starting to swell. 
Merry (late) Christmas everyone!

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Saturday, December 22nd, 2007
4:07 am
 How far along are you? 28w5d 

What symptoms are you experiencing? alot of lower belly tightness, quite a bit of back pain

How are you feeling? Overall pretty good, just a little bit tired sometimes

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this past week and how did they go?  Had my glucose test done last Friday, scheduled my 32 week ultrasound, as I was measuring a week and half ahead, and they're concerned about baby size

Any Dr. Appointments / ultrasounds / tests this coming week? Nope

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? Not really, just trying to pull together a holiday party that somehow I fear no one is going to show up at

Any questions you want to ask? Nope. Not really.

Any belly pics from this week? Havent taken any this week...I do need to take one thoguh

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
12:52 pm
Glucose Test and Rhogam Shot
On Monday, I had the 1 hour glucose test. The drink tasted exactly like a flat orange soda - nasty, but not completely undrinkable. I had had an egg and toast, and basically used the drink to wash that down. I managed to chug it down in about three minutes. I didn't get dizzy, have stomach problems or any of the other possible side effects. The worst part about the whole thing was getting stuck in the arm. Not only did they do the blood draw for my glucose test, but they took extra for my regular third trimester check and my thyroid check. Did I mention that I hate needles?

Today I got the test results of the glucose test back - all clear. Yay! I wasn't too concerned, though, as I didn't really have any of the other symptoms of gestational diabetes (i.e. high blood pressure, constant thirst, seeing spots). I also had to have the Rhogam shot in my BUTT! OWIE! Did I mention that I hate needles? It is sorta scary knowing more about the shot. I have a little card that they gave me that I have to carry with me in the event of an emergency (like really bad car accident) that shows the date of my Rhogam injection, and instructions related to my pregnancy. I should be ok, though. I have a really short drive to work, where I don't get on any highway or freeway, and the only planned trip out of town that I have left is up to Dallas (about a 4 hour drive) for Christmas.

Now that's done and over with, I have my regular 4 week checkup next Thursday with my OB/GYN. After that appointment, I'll start going every two weeks instead of four. Rather exciting!

My worst complaint right now is the acid reflux. I can't even think about salsa, and even the mildest of marinara sauces can set me off. Ugh. I pretty much take one to two Pepcid tablets every day, and usually a handful of Tums as well. And I've got an acne explosion. But really, when I look at some of the more severe problems and/or symptoms that I've seen some of my girlfriends go through, I know I really do have it pretty easy.

My last concern, really, is my heart. I just hope it stays clear all the way through delivery. I've only had a few minor episodes lately - not enough to put me back on medication, so I'm hoping we're all good with that.

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Thursday, December 6th, 2007
4:20 pm
Hi Everybody!
Hi! I just joined this community. My name is Melissa and I am 25 weeks 2 days pregnant with my second child; due March 19. I'm 23 and have been married to my husband, Art, for almost 2 years. I have a son who will be 4 on December 23. So far this pregnancy is going smoothly. I don't know what the sex of the baby is yet. We're supposed to find that out later this month (the 26th). I'm also having my glucose screening done then too. For some reason I didn't have to do that with my first pregnancy, so if anyone has any heads up about how that goes please let me know cause I've heard the drink is nasty. Also I'm beginning to feel tired all the time. Is that normal for being this far along? Anyway I'm looking foward to being a part of this community and getting to know you other March mommies :-).

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Saturday, December 1st, 2007
11:06 am
about me
i joined the community a few weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post yet, so here goes....my name is becky, i live in kansas with my husband, kevin, and this is our first child. i'm due march 13th, which makes me 25w2d today. we weren't trying to prevent, but it was still a huge surprise when we (I) realized i was pregnant.

i have felt wonderful this whole time, in fact i 'missed' the entire first trimester....i think i was in denial :) anyway, i am just now starting to feel tired and sluggish when i get home from working, which i'm hoping doesn't last too long (i'm probably just working extra hard). we haven't really started on the baby's room much and today i'm really feeling an urgency to get that done...we don't have THAT much time before we're parents!

i'm not too much of an LJ poster, but i love reading and commenting, and hopefully will update here more than i do in my own journal.

Oh and IT'S A GIRL!!!!

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Friday, November 30th, 2007
11:23 pm
The concepts of informed consent and the right to refuse treatment are supported by constitutional law Read more...Collapse )
Thursday, November 29th, 2007
8:11 pm
I felt really good during my second trimester, but lately, in the last week or two, I feel like I'm really getting worn out easily, and I tire more quickly. I guess it is probably because I'm at the doorstep of my third trimester, and I'm starting not to sleep very well (bad pain in my hips) but I didn't think it would happen just yet. Today I worked, then had a regular check up appointment, then went to dinner with a friend, went to Sur La Table for a few minutes and drove home and I feel pooped!

Anyone else starting to slow down?

In two weeks, I have a line-up of appointments I'm dreading because I have a huge fear of needles. I've got my diabetes glucose test (just the one hour), a regular blood draw, and the Rhogam shot. :P Ugh.

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Monday, November 5th, 2007
7:53 pm
 HI! My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jen. I'm due on March 6th, and this is our first pregnancy. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and we have been married for over three years now.
   We are having a girl, and have already picked out the name : Morgan Marie. :0) I'm 22, almost 23 weeks pregnant, and so far loving it. The only thing that I've noticed and my doctor too, is that I'm not gaining any weight.  I think that may be normal for some people though. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
7:51 pm
Has anyone else started to feel kicks and flutters? I feel like mine are getting stronger this week. We had an appointment last week, and they were listing for the heartbeat, and he was moving alllll over the place. 

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
8:43 pm
My husband has been a complete jerk so far for my pregnancy. I've asked him to come to my appointments. I schedule them when he's off work. He doesn't show. My ultrasound is Wednesday. I asked if he was going. He said only if I was coming home to pick him up. Since I found out I was pregnant, he has barely spoken to me and has spent hardly any time with me. This is our first child. Maybe it's the hormones, but I feel as though I'm in this alone and that he doesn't want to be a part of either of our lives. Any advice?
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
5:42 pm
We had our 18-20 week ultrasound today (I'm due March 2nd). I didn't realize how badly I'd been hoping for a girl until the nurse pointed out what she's pretty sure is a penis. I feel like such a bad mommy. This is our first baby, and hopefully won't be our last, so it isn't like I won't have another chance, right? And it isn't that I don't want our baby just because it is a boy. I guess the pregnancy hormones are getting the better of me. I've been weepy all afternoon and feeling stupid for it.

Anyone else due at the beginning of the month? I might be the first one due in the community. heh.

Also, are you going to wait to find out the sex? Or do you really want to know (like we did)?
Monday, October 1st, 2007
1:44 pm
Umm I am Due on March 30, 2008.   I dont really know how to work this but I am looking for people who are going though the same things as me.  I am a first time pregnant lady plus there is no one aroundme that is currently pregnant or who have had children soooo...... i am lost! ha!

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